Kung Fu

Bored of the gym? Then our exciting Martial Arts classes can help you get fit, de-stress, lose weight, learn self-defence and train with great like-minded people.

Find out why Kung Fu classes in Chatham can help you become the best you can be in the Martial Arts and life!

At Shi Kon Martial Arts our fun and friendly Kung Fu classes are designed to help you improve your fitness, lose weight and learn to defend yourself. The training is a fusion of traditional Kung Fu and modern Martial Arts that develop power, speed, strength and overall fitness, as well as self-confidence and a strong fighting spirit. If you’re looking for a lively, fun and challenging way to keep fit and would like to learn how to defend yourself, these classes are perfect for you!

Our Kung Fu classes will help you to:

  • Improve your fitness and lose weight
  • Deal with stress and anxiety
  • Learn Self defence
  • Acquire useful Life skills
  • Develop deep concentration and focus
  • Gain confidence, improve self-esteem & make new friends


​We take Martial Arts training to a whole new level by combing elements of traditional Martial Arts with cutting edge modern training methods. We use punch bags, pads and agility equipment to develop your skill, confidence and power. No one likes boring exercise routines so we keep your training varied and challenging. This provides you with the best opportunity to continually develop your skill, confidence and fitness.


Don’t be put off trying a class by your current fitness level, age or experience.  The classes are open to all and are very welcoming to new members with specific classes for beginners.  Classes are carefully planned to create a positive and engaging environment that will give you the support and encouragement you’ll need to excel in both the Martial Arts and life!

The progressive curriculum includes:  Kickboxing, self defence, power striking, grappling, pushing hands, locks, throws and groundwork before moving on to the deeper levels of advanced Kung Fu training.

With an electric atmosphere, working with like-minded friends, you will not find a better place to train and challenge yourself!